Sunday, April 25


Hello Humpers, I hope things have been dandy for all of you and that this little update is a bit interesting at the least. It’s been a while since my last post and I’m just itching to roll this stuff up and put it in the air. Breaking away from the tech-elect trend over to HipHop for a quick beat, I want to give props to People Under The Stairs. I picked up their 7th album a couple months ago at a show and with no regrets. As with most of the duo’s material it was spot on in creating the signature laid back west coast vibe evoking visions of summer BBQs with all the B’s. Also catching my attention was Kenan Bell who has a single on NBA.2K10. He had a good energetic performance and brought a unique flow. The entire show seemed to host contrasting but complimentary stylez and it worked well in the small venue that strengthened the bond between artist and fan by offering opportunity for a one-on-one conversation. In short: high-5 to Thes One, Double K, Kenan, Grieves and all the players that night, keep on keeping it real. Go listen to their stuff and spread the word!… word?

Switching Back, heres some other stuff.

Retro Dream- hailing from Illinois ,retro dream hits the spot with uplifting instrumentals. An electro-fantasy dreamscape of sorts.

Jkale- from the green mtn state, a bit of VT steez in the mix. A heavy vibe and solid rhythm. The two new songs are on spot and Words From The Woods is very much worth the free DL.

Snubluck- from denver, another green and mountainy place, Sounds a lil disorganized but keeps flowin.

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